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Living abroad as a student is already a challenging situation, it becomes tough if you have to struggle for accommodation also. However, things have now changed as we have figured out the perfect solution that will let you find student houses in Preston.

Student Houses Preston is a common tension that students arise when they visit Preston Lancashire for higher education. However, you don’t have to worry as we are here to solve everything for you. We have figured out the best possible service that a student can take for accommodation. Keep reading to learn more.

Types of Student Houses in Preston

There are a lot of student houses but not all are good or ideal. You can have different requirements and those requirements are hard to match. Even if you get a good place you need a good deal. Here are a few good deals and room packages we have sorted for you:

1 Bedroom Houses To Rent Preston

1-Bedroom Houses To Rent Preston

One-bedroom apartments are ideal for students as there are less items to carry when you need to change. Moreover, the less room the less expense on extra items. The one we are mentioning here has Shower, separate Toilet and Washbasin and it comes fully furnished. You will also find a modern dining lounge and kitchen area which is ideal as cooking at home is cheaper than buying outside.

2-Bedroom Houses To Rent Preston

There is a saying which is “the more the merrier” and that works for the accommodation also. If you are thinking of living with a friend or a roommate then it is a great idea. A fully furnished two bed room means your entire house will look perfect. No need to worry as the rent is low compared with other places. Here in Cedar Tree Houses, they try to provide the utmost best for the student houses Preston. The main cost of renting a two-bedroom house is to get it fully furnished. But in this case, you get it totally free. All the houses come with a bath, shower, WC, & washbasin.

3 Bedroom Houses To Rent Preston

3-Bedroom Houses To Rent Preston

If you are a medical student then it is one of the most ideal places that you can rent. Because it is situated near Preston Hospital. Moreover, you will also get fully furnished bed rooms with 3 or 4 desks. The bathroom also comes with a separate shower and a large bath.

4-Bedroom Student House Preston

As it comes fully furnished, and the rooms are spacious, it is pretty much the same for everyone. The house is close to campus, and it has all the necessary items a student needs. The house has 4 bedrooms and a TV in the living room. All bedrooms have 4 beds with desks and furniture. Having 2 parking and 1 bathroom attached.

5-Bedroom Houses To Rent Preston

Well, it is kind of the same to all as it also comes fully furnished and the rooms are spacious. Moreover, it has all the necessary items a student needs and it is also close to the campus which is just 10 minutes’ walk.

10-bedroom houses to rent Preston

Ten bedroom houses are like a dorm room. If you rent a house like this, you will get the feeling of living as a student. There are 3 bathrooms, 3 kitchens & lounge area.

Get Your Desire Houses To Rent In Preston With Cedar Tree Houses

Cedar Tree Houses offer one of the best deals in all of Preston. As a student you can easily get a well furnished room within budget. Moreover, their houses are easy to access and have great locations depending on hospital, train, university and many more.

Why Cedar Tree Houses - Best Preston Student Houses

Well, Cedar Tree Houses are unlike any other ones you will find in the entire Preston. Here students get a great advantage above others. Cedar Tree Houses also offer some special houses that work the same as a dorm just you have to manage your own food. For a student it is a privilege to get a room with all the benefits and security. Here are the reasons why Cedar Tree Houses are the best Preston student houses:

student housing preston


Support is one of the most important elements of any place. If you are living in an area where you don’t receive support. You can’t sustain over there as that will not be a socially accepted place. Moreover, there are certain needs if you live in any area.

preston student houses


 It is one of the major needs of a person also student. Security is essential when you are a student because you will keep most of your belongings here at the houses. But in the case of Cedar Tree Houses, they provide 24/7 surveillance cameras and guards to keep everything in check.

student houses to rent preston


A friendly environment is essential for the growth of both body and mind. Cedar Tree Houses provide the most friendly environment you can ever get. Here you will meet fellow students from abroad and local places.

Best student houses preston

Bathroom & Kitchen Facilities

The bathrooms are well maintained but as soon as you enter the house you will find all the necessary items over there. The kitchen depends on the house you are renting. Well, most of the bathrooms are average but the bigger house has better sanitary features.

student houses in preston


The houses of this company have great locations that provide great accessibility. The transportation methods are easy to get and the local places like GYM, hospitals are nearby. You can also find the libraries not too far away.

student houses in preston

Near Uclan University

It is one of the best benefits of living on Cedar Tree Houses property. You will get locations best suitable for the students of UCLan university.

student accommodation Preston


People always speak the truth and provide reviews on Map and Facebook page. If you search Cedar Tree Houses on a map and Facebook search bar you will find our company profile and get reviews. They are very positive and we highly recommend you to get the authentic information from there.

How to Find Cedar Tree Houses Preston?

You can always search on google, to get our exact location. However, we have our official website and also the Facebook page.

You can contact any of those or can call on our official number which is: +44 1772 824306
You can also Email us on: [email protected]
Facebook Page Link: 

Moreover, you can always get the location information by searching Cedar Tree Houses on Google Map. It will provide a pin point location.

Contact With Cedar Tree Houses Support Center Anytime

You can contact us anytime without any worries. We have our support team 24/7 all around and we can provide any information regarding the student houses Preston’s facility.

Cedar Tree Houses offer the best suitable houses & accommodation service for the students both abroad and local. You can always look for any help regarding the university and other stuff. Moreover, they also have local information that is important for a student or anyone to learn.

You can contact our website contact page section for more details and use the number for live consultation.

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