How to apply for international students in UCLan university

How To Apply For International Students In Uclan University?

Applying to universities is one of the hardest steps for a student. Especially if you are an international student you need a lot of things checked before applying. Those can be anything, in particular, your educational background, family, wealth, security, and criminal activity.

Well, no worries as we are here to help you on how to apply for international students in UCLan university. After choosing the course you want to study, the remaining work is to choose the perfect university and UCLAN is one of the best in the UK. We are now providing you with a complete guide that can give you a brief idea of how the process should get done. Keep reading to understand thoroughly.

How To Apply For International Students In Uclan University?

Things are must before applying

Well, to access the UK as an international student who lives out of Europe then you must have a few things sorted out before sending your paper to the university. Every country has some special requirements that are must to access. In order to grant permission to the university and get access to the country, a student must have the below documents and requirements:

  • Designated English Requirement for the University,
  • Educational certificates and proof.
  • Safety/Security money that is deposited on a student’s account.
  • Mandatory criminal check and civilian check certificate.
  • Professional and academic curriculum certificates alongside extra curriculum/volunteer certificates.
  • Professional research paper, monograph, research article, report, conference paper are highly appreciated and makes admission smoother.

These things can make your journey easier than you can imagine. For ease of understanding, you can always contact a professional in your particular country who is an expert in this work.

For an Undergraduate

The application process is not too complicated however keep in mind that the application deadline for January 2022 is December 1, 2021.

If you are from outside of the UK, you have to ensure two things and that is English language requirements and basic educational requirements. If you are compatible with both of those then you can easily apply. But do remember that different countries have different English language requirements. You can work on IELTS or TOFEL.

Now, for applying for the desired course and university you can choose two methods that are all the same all over the world.

  • You can use an online application portal for applying to the selected university.
  • Either you can contact Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS): This is a genuine and proper way to apply as if you require a Visa, then the process becomes easier and smoother.

For Postgraduates

If you are aiming for post-graduation and you are from out of UK or Europe then you can always apply here with the online application portal. This platform is always open, so whenever you feel ready, apply for it.

Moreover, you should know that in general if you are looking forward to applying for post-graduation, the result should be at least a second class degree from a recognized university. Sometimes, you may have to submit a proposal of professional qualification as part of the degree.

Usually, the process of post-graduation is a little more strict than the undergrad but it becomes easy if you meet all the requirements. You also must maintain the English requirements and background clearance.

We highly suggest you before applying, try to get all the information with requirements then go to the online application portal.

UCLAN Postgraduate research

If your target is to apply for postgraduate research, then it is simple just go to the postgraduate research tab and follow the instructions given. Here in the University of Central Lancashire things are easier than in other places.

Accommodation for UCLAN university students

If you are worried about accommodation, you are missing the best part of Preston. There are a lot of places where a student can live easily and do part-time jobs. The university that we are talking about is the University of Central Lancashire. Well, the university has its dormitory so you can always apply for a seat.

Moreover, there are a lot of places where you can live safely and peacefully with other students and those are logging houses. If we are to talk about those then the name of Cedar tree House comes first.

This is a wonderful dormitory system that comes with different types of rooms and services. Most of the time, students want to live in a better place to study with peace and this room service provides, single bed option to studio rooms to apartments.

You can choose whatever room type you want and they will come up with a good example for you. how to apply for international students in UCLan university? You contact them for accommodation and also to learn about various other processes.


There are various ways to apply to a university but if you are aiming for Uclan then, follow the instructions we discussed above. Those are enough for you to get by everything and if you need help then you can always contact them on their official website.

Moreover, if you are still having complications on how to apply for international students in UCLan university then our suggestion would be to contact us. If you are looking for perfect accommodation service in Preston, then please feel free to contact cedar tree houses as they are one of the most trusted and best service providers all over Preston.

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