Is Preston a Good Place for Students?

Is Preston a Good Place for Students?

For a student, the best place to live is always the one with all the necessary facilities available. A proper city for a student should have accommodation, job facilities, cheap food, cheap transportation, and a sense of security. So, Is Preston a good place for students? Yes, Preston is a good place for students, and it meets all the necessary facilities and benefits that a student needs.

Preston is a city with everything; it may seem not up to the mark as Manchester or London. However, it is not far behind them. This city offers world-class education and good nightlife. It also gives a great opportunity to gain wealth alongside studies.

Is Preston expensive for students?

If you are looking for the cheapest university city in the UK, Preston is the first choice. Not so long ago, Preston was elected as the most affordable city for students in the UK. Researchers found out the average cost of taxi, bus, tube or any transportation is very cheap compared to other cities, and they are 2nd in the list.

They are just short behind Swansea in the case of transportation. Moreover, the food stalls and restaurants are unique and student-friendly. It means they have particularly cheaper bills than the bigger cities like London.

The average cost of a pint is £2.10 in Preston, whereas £5.25 in Guildford. Well, you will find it funnier to know that the city tops with most expenses are 21% higher than Preston. So, is Preston a good place for students? Yes, Yes, indeed student accommodation in Preston is good.

Where do students live in Preston?

There are many places where students can live in Preston. However, two sites are best for the students of Uclan students. Those two are Foundry Court & Trinity Student Village, and they are both in the closest range of UCLan. They have 24/7 observation with security in mind to keep the students safe. Their range of rooms, staff, and quality of living is high in standard and one of the very best in the UK.
Moreover, the 30,000 students who live in Preston city are in a good state, as they have many ways to enjoy their studenthood. The best places for students in Preston city:

  • Foundry Court costing £83 per week,
  • Trinity Student Village costing £78 per week,
  • The Tramshed costing £108 per week,
  • Leighton Hall costing £79 per week,
  • Roeburn Hall costing £108 per week,
  • Whitendale Hall costs £77 per week and many more.

Cost of living in Preston

You may have already got an idea of how the city is, and we think it has a perfect balance with everything for a student. However, no matter how cheap a place can be, you always have to consider the cost of living. That is why through research, we found out some important information that is worth your knowledge.

Accommodation cost for a student:

The cost of student accommodation is £69 – £174 per week in Preston, and the average is £105 per week. If you compare it with other cities like Newcastle, Sunderland, and Manchester, they are £149/week, £108/week, and £171/week.

Certainly, they are not cheap and not very easy to live. Moreover, there are extra expenses that are related to accommodation but not mentioned. Those are the additional charges that you may need now and then.

Prices of necessary daily items:

If you are worried about the food price, then it is good news for you. It is much cheaper because of the mentality of helping students live a peaceful academic life. Starting from restaurants to groceries, the price is minimal and average. Those are:

  • An average meal at a restaurant is £10, and sometimes you can get a cheaper one if your palate is small.
  • A pint of beer is from £2.10 to £3.50. They vary because of quality and different sellers.
  • The typical cost of coffee is only £2.59. It is one of the best things about the city that helps the students to start a day.

If you think of groceries, you should know that 1liter of milk is only £1.04 and bread is £0.98. Moreover, you can get discount prices according to the supermarket. All you have to do is keep in mind the time and particular shop providing a discount.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Is Preston safe for students?
Answer: Thanks to the 24/7 security system of the student living area, the crime rate is very low. The city is safe and diverse with different people and localities. Students come from other regions and countries, so the place has neat security and the police are also very helpful.

Question: Are there local shops for students to buy necessary things?
Answer: Yes, there are many shops that students can use to buy their necessary belongings. Moreover, they are quite cheap thanks to the locals.

Question: Is Preston a good place for students?
Answer: Yes, certainly Preston is a good place for students, and you can see a lot of great reviews about this wonderful city.

Question: How is the nightlife of Preston city?
Answer: The nightlife of Preston city is something in your favor as there are clubs and shops that are open at night and there are also pubs that offer NFL and other sports matches.


You were looking for the answer to “is Preston a good place for students “ and we think you got the answer. Preston is a great city that helps create dreams and help people find aim in their life. The town supports the world by creating a new generation of people ready to be leaders in the future.

Nothing compares to a city that is both safe and cheap for students. We think Preston is an ideal city that is good for all types of people. It is a diverse city, so no worries, no ethnicity, religion, or race. People do not judge anyone with their past or money. Everyone is equal on the ground.

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