Safety Tips For University Students In Preston

Ensuring Safety: Essential Guidelines for University Students in Preston

Navigating the university journey in an unfamiliar environment can sometimes expose students to potential risks. It is vital to prioritise safety while pursuing academic goals. Preston, renowned for its educational offerings, holds promise for students seeking a quality education. To assist students in this pursuit, we’ve curated a collection of indispensable safety tips designed to safeguard their well-being. These measures not only contribute to personal growth but also enable students to focus on their studies without apprehensions. Although Preston is relatively secure, adhering to these basic principles can enhance the overall safety quotient.

Stay Mindful Amidst Technology:

The pervasive presence of smartphones and headphones can inadvertently isolate students from their surroundings. It’s crucial to maintain situational awareness, especially while in unfamiliar terrain. Staying attuned to the environment not only prevents accidents but also deters potential threats.

Avoid Nighttime Strolls:

Exploring the city’s nightlife can be enticing, particularly for international students. However, venturing out at night exposes individuals to heightened risks. Criminal activities often peak during these hours. It’s advisable to refrain from solo nighttime walks and prioritise safety over curiosity.

Embrace Security Measures:

Employ locks on luggage and personal belongings to bolster security. Secure your living space by adopting locking mechanisms, which not only safeguard valuables but also in-still peace of mind, allowing students to concentrate on their academic pursuits.

Start using locks:

Make sure to use locks on all your luggage and compartments. Your apartment or locker is the place where most of your essential belongings remain. To keep them safe, start utilising locks. These are the primary and easiest ways to keep personal belongings secure and sound.

Moreover, you will find a sense of security, and your mind will keep the focus on your studies. It will also make sure no one touches your items. You will also be safe from the hate crimes that usually happen with people from abroad.

Emergency Cash Stash:

Carrying a modest amount of emergency cash is prudent. This reserve can prove invaluable during unforeseen circumstances, providing an avenue for seeking assistance or securing transportation when required.

Familiarise with Emergency Systems:

Acquaint yourself with emergency systems within the campus and the city. Know the locations of emergency stations, contact numbers for law enforcement, and other crucial services. This awareness empowers students to swiftly seek help when needed.

Navigate the Locale:

Understand the layout of the city and campus to facilitate safe travels. Knowledge of the surroundings enables efficient movement and aids in selecting secure routes to your destination.

Buddy System:

Attending parties or social gatherings is best done in the company of friends. Avoiding isolation at such events reduces vulnerability and provides a support network.

Maintain Emergency Contacts:

Keep a list of emergency contacts on your phone and maintain a written copy as well. This ensures accessibility even in situations where phone access may be compromised.

Self Defence and Safety Equipment:

Enrolling in self defence classes empowers individuals to protect themselves. Carrying safety items like pepper spray or personal alarms can provide an added layer of security in potentially threatening scenarios.

Choose Safe Accommodation:

Opting for secure accommodation is paramount. Established options such as Cedar Tree Houses provide not only safety but also confidential information handling. These accommodations prioritise students’ safety and well-being.


While pursuing higher education in Preston offers enriching experiences, prioritizing safety is non-negotiable. By adhering to these pragmatic guidelines, students can foster an environment of well-being and focus on academic excellence. It’s worth acknowledging that the safety measures outlined above are universally applicable, irrespective of the location. Be it Preston or any other city, adopting these practices ensures a secure and productive academic journey. If you’re seeking a secure haven during your studies, accommodations like Cedar Tree Houses align with this commitment, offering students not just a place to reside, but a sanctuary of safety and support.

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